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Christ-centered, biblical counseling center servicing adolescents and adults helping those in need navigate life's journey.


Restoration through Christ

Divinely Centered Biblical Counseling is a privately owned boutique-styled counseling center that offers professional, biblically-based counseling services to the surrounding North Texas areas and beyond.

Whether you or someone you care about has been struggling with the issues that life brings, DCBC services can help. We have created a safe space where you can begin to heal and journey toward a brighter future. Our confidential services are available to all age groups, including children, adolescents, adults, and families.

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Connection. Healing. Growth.

I believe that true healing comes from a holistic approach. That’s why we offer a range of services to help you identify the root cause of your struggles and develop a growth plan to nurture emotional and spiritual healing. Navigate life’s challenges through a faith-based perspective. Let us walk with you on this journey towards healing.


Individual Counseling

Certified Services:

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Individual Counseling

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Family & Parent Counseling

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Child /Adolescent Counseling

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Healing is in the journey

Integration of Faith and Counseling: Biblical counseling integrates faith and counseling seamlessly, allowing you to address your spiritual and emotional needs in the counseling process while providing spiritual guidance and support as you face various challenges in life.

Holistic Approach: It addresses not only the mental and emotional aspects but also the spiritual dimensions of your well-being, leading to a more holistic approach to counseling.

Eternal Perspective: It offers an eternal perspective, helping you see beyond your immediate circumstances and find purpose and meaning in your experiences. 

Timeless Wisdom: Simultaneously, the Bible’s timeless wisdom and principles will help you navigate modern-day struggles and dilemmas.

Personal Growth: Biblical counseling promotes personal growth and spiritual maturity, leading to a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship with God.

Empowerment: By exploring biblical teachings and applying them to your life, you can feel empowered to make positive changes and overcome obstacles.

Hope and Encouragement: Through biblical counseling, you can find hope and encouragement in the promises and teachings of the Bible, leading to a sense of peace and assurance.

Why Choose Biblical Counseling?